You are beautiful

There are days where i do not feel enough… pretty enough, smart enough, sexy enough, funny enough, cool enough, etc… Just like we all do. (unless you’re perfect, but you’re not so quit foolin yourself)  But when i have these days it is a flashback to the past. The past where i was hurt, betrayed, lied to. The past where i got called ugly, and stupid, and annoying. The past where i got cheated on countless times. The past where i was used and viewed as an object. The past where my heart was betrayed and shattered for not being.. enough.  Or even to the present. The present where i am not a good enough photographer. Not popular enough. Not likable enough. Still not pretty enough. Not organized enough. Not funny enough. Not motivated enough. Not FEARLESS enough. Too argumentative, or too stubborn. Too honest or too blunt. Too know it all or too know nothing at all.  Surrounded constantly by boys and girls who live in the world and set their standards to this world. Surrounded by my coworkers and my competitors.. to my friends and strangers.

But I AM enough. I am enough for God, creator of ALL things. And i DO NOT hold myself to the standards of THIS world ANYMORE. I am strong, and i am fearless. I AM pretty, smart, and funny. I am enough for God’s beautiful eyes. I am perfectly imperfect in the way and reason God has MADE me!!  I am his beautiful creation. I have a BIG heart and big eyes (not literally) to see and feel ALL of his beauty. My mind is sharp and curious because i am his daughter. I let the light shine through my imperfections because it is HIS warm forgiving light i wish for you to see.. not me and my flaws, don’t you see? .. I AM enough. I was more than enough to every boy who broke my heart and beat me while i was down. To every friend who betrayed me . To every stranger who judged me and put me in a box.

I watched this video again,  and instantly got reminded of my worth through Gods eyes. And that all these small mediocre things that i let get in my head even for a second are just that.. small, mediocre things. Too many times we let our heads blow up by how many guys/girls like us, or hate us, by how many “likes” we got on this and how many “views” we got on that. And too many times we let our self esteem get down because someone doesn’t like a picture we took, or this song we wrote, or when we get made fun of, mocked, left out.. and i know TOO many BEAUTIFUL people, boys and girls, that don’t see their worth because they are constantly getting dragged down by the enemy too afraid to look up. But I REFUSE, i refuse to let the enemy get me down because, ” I am a daughter of the living God. Cherished, loved, and adored above ALL things by the Creator of all things, for the glory of him, who is greater than all things… I AM AWESOME