What do you think?

so the question remains, does photography need to be explained? Or can we leave it up to the viewers interpretation?

When you look at a photo is it a story you see or an emotion you feel? Is it both? Or do you see nothing? it pains me when I meet people who don’t know how to feel or look at an image and cant understand what the photographer was trying to convey.

Do you look at an image from a critical standpoint? Do you admire the colors, the tones, the angles, and focal points? Do you see it in pieces or as a whole? Is it the small details that leave you thinking… making you look twice and deeper into the image?

Or do you come to an image with preconceived thoughts and deflect that onto the image? Do you assume what you are going to feel or think before you see an image and then when you feel something else does it surprise you? Or anger you?

I guess there’s no real right or wrong answer here. Just my thoughts circling around yours and photography.

Oftentimes when I look at an image I took I surprise myself with certain images that I end up liking out of the bunch. Its always something different each time. It could be the look in someones eyes, or shape and angle of someones head, maybe its the overall tone of the image that draws me in closer.

Then while I am editing the photo 90% of the time I gradually begin to hate it. I think thats normal. Working with it and staring at it and trying to turn it into what you want it to become can be frustrating.

But then finally, when I take a step back (literally) and look at the final product I usually end up loving it. And I am usually both surprised and intrigued by the outcome because without realizing it I have deflected my current emotion or inspiration or creative whatever you want to call it into the image… and that to me is amazing.

To me.. seeing my work on flickr is a personal timeline. I do hope that you all can see that too. What a wonderful gift to be able to share my life in photos and have the world watch me on my personal journey. And also what a wonderful joy to be able to watch someone throughout their journey in life.

I think the biggest thing about photography.. or art, or life in general really, is to see results you can’t be afraid. You can’t be afraid to take risks. You can’t be afraid to try something completely new. Or completely old. You can’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and branch out! Sure it’s fantastic when you get to a point in your work that you know is successful so then thats the styles or types of work you do.. but that will do damage to your art and yourself over the years. Life is about change. Its about evolving. Its about taking risks, being wrong, not being afraid. Its about failures and successes. Its about the process. So when you ever get to a stand still point in your life…run. until you hit something new.