Walking with your angels

“You cant take it with you when you die”

Some days i am sad, anxious, jealous or upset that i dont have what others have. And by ‘have’ i mean material things such as money, clothes, cars, homes etc etc. But then i remember who i serve and that this is just a temporary location for me because eternally is in Heaven.

Last night, and really yesterday, this seemed to be the topic of the day.  I was on instagram late last night just looking at random photographers and celebrities and i came across Beyonces instagram and saw a pic of hers that was just a bunch money and mostly 2 dollar bills, one comment stuck out to me that said “You cant take it with you when you die” And at this point in the night i had already seen lots of people being fab and spending oodles of money. And that stuck with me because its true. We stress ourselves and make ourselves miserable thinking that someone else is living better than us or thinking someone else is better at us at this, or someone else has more of this than us. And so often we forget that all these worldly things are just that… worldly.  I realized at that point that A, the grass is never greener on the other side, and B, This is not a competition of whose life is better and if it is… i dont want to be in that race. Its shallow and its vain, and it holds no real substance that can help my soul. I want to be in the journey ,not race , of Gods love. When i read that comment i realized that at the end of the day, money or no money, what you take with you to the grave is you. Your soul. Your body. So if it means that i will never be as rich and famous as some of these Ahem, “superstars”, or if that i will not have as much money as this person or that, or if i will never have my work as known as he or she… But if i DO get to spend the rest of my life forever in heaven, if i DO get to receive Gods love and if I DO get to become closer to God and true happiness… then i choose that instead. I choose that today, tomorrow, the next day, and the next. And everyday after for the rest of my life. Because for me that weighs more than any dollar bill. I am truly happy, not when i get my paycheck, but when i am reading and understanding Gods word, when i am spreading his word, when i am receiving healing, when i am helping someone receive healing, when i am supporting someone and encouraging them, through Gods good word and through his strength, to pursue their dream that is when I am truly happy. How lucky am i to share this beautiful truth to my friends, strangers, anyone willing and wanting to listen.

Gods walk, is no easy walk. It is hard and it has its struggles every day. We are not perfect. And we are born sinners making it easy for temptation to slip through the cracks we try sp hard to seal up. We all have wounds that make it difficult for us to move forward. Replaying the wound. Reopening the wound, scratching it, picking it, irritating it… taking it longer to heal. We want our wounds to heal with a snap of a finger, with a single prayer, with a single verse. But the truth about wounds is that we need time. And “Time needs time” I hope that my friends and loved ones read this (along with anyone else) and i hope it helps them in their time in need.

Colossians 2:9,10

“For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in boily form, and in Christ you have been brought to fullness. He is the head over every power and authority.”