On being a dog momma

Last year around August, we got our baby pup Gordy. Pretty spur of the moment too, Hayden just turned to me one night and said “do you want to get a dog?” and of course I said yes. Although to be honest i thought he was half kidding and then two weeks later we had the cutest little itty bitty baby pup you could imagine.

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a dog. My mother is not super fond on having animals and especially when we were growing up because she knew she or my dad would have to be stuck caring for it. But you know my dad had to try ha! He came home with two different puppies on two different occasions during my childhood. Both times were some of the best times.. to have a puppy, wow! Our first pup Smokey, was part german Shepard part chow part something else. He was super protective of his family (us) and ended up biting someones hand at my dads work one day, so sadly we had to give him away. We had smokey for a couple of months (from what I remember). The biggest memory I have of smokey was his size, he was huge! Me, my brother and sister would walk him across the street to our elementary school park. All i remember is Smokey literally dragging my brother all the way there!!!!! Haha he was great.

The second pup we only had for like 2 weeks. His or her? I can’t even remember anymore was named sunny.

Anyways, so i told myself growing up (after countless times trying to convince my mom to let us get a dog and keep it) that I would have a dog as SOON as i moved out!

I have lived on my own now for about 2 1/2 or 3 years (who’s counting?) So i guess it was fitting we got Gordy after all.

As a kid, and even until the moment we had Gordy in our arms, you really underestimate the amount of work it is to take after another living creature. I thought yeah sure, the expenses : food, vet, shots, toys, etc etc. But what you really don’t account for is the amount of love you will have for such a little furry animal and the amount of responsibility you feel to make sure they have the safest, healthiest, funnest environment.

To non dog owners it will be hard to understand this, “its just a dog”…  While i know it is no where near to having a real life baby, and I can’t wait until that day (far away) comes, for now this is a great alternative. Besides, being a dog momma is special all on its own.

Why do you think the movies always say when a woman wants a baby to get her a puppy ?

Since getting Gordy, my life has changed drastically. Knowing that we are his whole world really changes a lot in my life. Every time i leave my apartment I think about things that i have never in my life thought. Like, “what if he jumps out of the window?” (Goes back inside room to close the windows and just leave them cracked instead). Or how about before I leave I make sure theres nothing he can choke on while i’m gone or the wires and cables are out of the way. (He is after all only 10 months old) And i even think really crazy thoughts like, what if the apartment burns down??? (making sure to move all lamps that i think could fall and sometime light on fire???) Once, I woke up at like 5 A.M to the sound of the fire alarm in my building going off (it goes off pretty often and is never an actual fire) but since I was dead asleep and woke up to it, I jumped out of bed, scrambled to get Gordys harness/leash on and leave when I opened the door and saw the firemen in my hallway turning it off due to a ceiling leak that caused it to go off in the first place.

Ever since Gordy i no longer work 9-10hr shifts, and thankfully i switched to doing real estate full time so I am able to work at home most times and only leave for a couple hours at a time. Ever since Gordy, I can’t just leave or plan a trip on a whim. I have to either include him in my trips or find someone who will watch him.. and don’t even get me started on that! To be able to trust someone with my baby pup is so stressful.. and also because of how much energy this lil guy has and how much of a menace he is! (i’ve probably spoiled him for the worst)

But, I love him. And I wouldn’t trade him for the world. Since getting Gordy, I have felt what its like to love something so much you feel responsible for everything they do. Gordy has taught me to be (somewhat) selfless. He has taught me that naturally we are really selfish… which is fine i suppose but when you have someone or something to care for you become second. He has taught me absolute unconditional love. No matter what, I know Gordy will be there excited to see me, and give me kisses. Even if I didn’t get to walk him that day or if I left him alone longer than I would have liked.. it doesn’t matter to him as soon as I come home, and that makes all the difference. To have a living breathing creature pick up on what you are feeling is amazing. Whenever I am sad and cry, Gordy is always there to literally lick the tears away and cuddle with me. He protects me against all vicious little dogs (lol) and mean people, and stays extra close to me on days where he wants a little more attention. I have learned the pain to have to discipline a baby creature, when they stare up at you with those sad eyes of “i didnt mean it, honest” and I have learned the satisfaction of when you get your dog to learn a new trick, or in our case to get him to learn how to walk calmly by our side. I am happiest when we are walking Gordy because thats when I know he is happiest. And my favorite is talking to him because somehow I know he knows I am speaking to him with all the love in my heart. Or how comforting it is to walk around the apartment and have a little guy just follow you around wherever you go, even though when I am cooking it can be annoying cause I always end up bumping into him.

This is my first dog. My first dog that I have been able to care for and truly call mine (and haydens). To have so much love and energy come from one little furry rascal is so amazing. I know God created dogs to be exactly what they are, mans best friend.

to some this may seem irrational or bizarre. To those people I say… Get a dog.

“The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants”