Minds Apart

I’m not sure why i love the double exposure or overlay look so much. I guess for me maybe it is because it tells more stories than one. Maybe it is because it is a resemblance of my mind. I think though maybe it is because i love the complex look of it, so to speak. I love that you have to search to find the photo and then when you think you’ve found it.. did you? Because then you see another. And then maybe your mind starts to think and play out different stories in your head, different interpretations of what this photo could mean. Because underneath all the complexity of life, is a simple photo. A simple solution. A simple answer. But sometimes, if not all the time, there is beauty in the chaos.

This piece, or photo came about unplanned as usual. I was messing with some paints (might make a stop motion of those soon) and turned on the candle, or maybe Hayden did. Either way. The light in the room was a beautiful blue hue with the sun going down and the night rising up, with just a candle burning in my pretty blue vase. I got inspired and snapped some shots. While i was editing it all together however is when I became inspired with the purpose of it i guess you could say? Or what i wanted to say/ portray with the final product.

Never did i ever meet anyone who i am so similar yet so different from. It is a true experience.  We were once hearts apart, miles apart and minds apart. (Before we knew each other, When we were together but 2,000 miles apart, and now) Do you remember when we were in our long distance relationship?! But as the days get closer and our hearts grow bigger for each other it is clear to me that we will always be minds apart. This is not a good or bad thing. Or maybe it is both. I suppose it is up for the person to decide. We are on different sides of the wavelength, but it is the same wavelength. You see a certain side of things i would have never even thought of in a million years, and i am the same to you. We have the same interests and the same loves and passions, but we also have different ones as well. And it is a bizarre thing to me, to have so much in common with someone but to be completely opposites at the same time. The way you think is in French, and I am in Spanish. But we have Latin as the base. (Not literally of course) You are so rational when i am emotional. You are logical when i am not. Yet you dream so high, and mine stay low. You aspire so much, and so do i, but the way we do it is different. Maybe this is normal (But then theres that question what is normal anyway?) So i guess i should say, maybe this is common. Maybe many of you have felt this way, experienced this, all with different outcomes. But i guess what i am saying is we are minds apart, but i don’t really mind. You are the laughter to my dark days, and every day really. You are the reasoning to my impulses. You are the yes, or know, the yes to my doubts. You know the answers to my i don’t knows and my many “why’s?” You let me see another side of the world. You let me see another side of life. In many ways we balance each other out so perfectly. We took a test to show graphs of our minds, and if we were to put them together we would make up the whole brain. While some only ever get halves, we make up a whole. And that is how i like to look at our relationship in general. We come from different places and experiences, to different hearts and minds that we make a full circle.

Yes it is, and has been, a journey to understand each other and see from each others side of the brain. But i wouldn’t have it any other way. I wouldn’t have you any other way. And i wouldn’t have me any other way. I love our differences because that is what makes you, and what makes our relationship unique. We have the power to make a difference. With our halves we make a whole and we are one in our love for God. Am i rambling or am i making sense? One see’s in black and the other in white but together we see in color. We are constantly learning from and with each other. Constantly growing, constantly changing. We are constantly pushing and driving each other forward. Giving you what you need, but don’t have. And giving me what i don’t have but need. I believe God put us together for a reason. I believe in you. I believe in us.

But to put it plain, i love you, minds apart or not, i love you. Everyday. More and more.