I do

I cant explain it.. or maybe i can, i just dont know how.

How can life be so quick? it is here a second and then gone.

Moments pass us by, fleeting from my mind.

The mystery of life is slowly leaving, showing its face

I opened iTunes today and saw “brianas cd” and remembered this was the first mix Hayden made me after like a day of meeting me.

Its funny how a song or a playlist can bring you right back to the first time you listened to that song

I listened to this cd so much. It was always playing in my car.

He was away in Boston for school.

And i was home in Texas driving to HCC, driving to dance, driving to get food, driving to meet my friends, driving to church, driving home.

It was new for me. The songs were new for me. The style. The boy. The ways. The words. The distance. Everything was new.

It was magical and i wanted to soak it all in.. into my soul. I wanted time to stand still in that moment, those moments

but it sped up faster than i even knew life and time and moments could.

caught in a whirlwind it was a blur

it is a blur

until now when i slow down and look back

i remember driving in my car on the way to the Zoo listening to this getting to know you

How can life change so fast in one year?

Sometimes its hard to believe i live in Boston with Hayden.

We moved mountains in only 1 year

and we owe it all to God



There is so many things i want to say, but have not found the words or ways to say them. Or maybe i am not ready to say them

please don’t interpret this as a sad post, i am reminiscing and overwhelmed with the love i have received and continue to receive.



Go listen to "I do" by Christian Scott